Sankt Petri church belongs to Klippans Assembly in the north-western part of Skåne, Sweden Klippans kommun Klippans församling
A masterpice of Sigurd Lewerentz
Matt. 16:18  "I tell you, you are Petrus, the rock, and on this rock I will build my church”.
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Sankt Petri Church
The Sept. 30. 1964 began the construction of S:t. Petri Church, which was consecrated by Bishop Lindstrom 1st Sunday of Advent 1966. Sigurd Lewerentz loved the raw material, which is why iron beams and the cross was to be laid out "rain or shine" before they were brushed off. In his inaugural speech said Bishop Martin Lindstrom as: "This church makes no attempt to emulate churches from times past. It's something new a hallowed place of majestic stature. It speaks of God's immensity and also about the safety under his protection. The integrity o honesty of work, allows each material to be what it is, says that this requires truth in the foundation. "This is the holy abode."
Bricks The walls are built up with the dark-brown brick from Helsingborg, which is made by hand craft as well as machine-made. No bricks are adjusted to suit – man is good enough to be used by God even if she is “odd, rough or not adjusted to suit”. The bricks are partly picked by the architect Lewerentz himself from a scrap-yard. Even human beings, who by others are considered as “scrap”, are suitable for the Lord.
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Sankt Petri Church

A masterpiece of Sigurd Lewerentz