In front of the church lies a forecourt, somewhat like the slope to the church in the old days. The ante-chamber is bounded towards the park by a slope of blackthorn bushes. In front of it, there is a shallow pond in which the various architectural structures are mirrored. A little fountain plays on the surface of the pond. The sculpture "The Bowls of Grace" by the sculptor Christian Berg was added thanks to a donation on the 10th. anniversary of the church.

Sculptor Christian Berg

1893, November 27 is Sten Sture Christian Berg born. 1899 The family moves from Förslöv to Höganäs in Skåne. 1909 Studies in Höganäs Technical Vocational School . 1911-14 Education at the Technical School and Althin art school in Stockholm . 1914-17 Antas at the Art Academy . Animals Paintings of Bruno Liljeforsgatan spirit. 1925 Settling in Paris. Studio on rue Guénégaud . Studies of André Lhote , interest in cubism brought. 1929 Sets out five sculptures on Surindépendentsalongen 1929 in Paris. All sold to La France Art Institute of Philadelphia in the United States 1930 Leaves Christian 's studio in Paris and traveling back to Sweden. 1932-39 Begins studio building on Hallandsas inspired by Greek and Egyptian architecture. Using red and dark gray granite ridge. 1957 Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Art in Stockholm . Pinjestamstemat presented. For the first time Christian consistently good critique . 1965-66 Christian is commissioned by the City of Stockholm to decorate Riddarholmsparterren . 1973 Exhibition to interact with Edvard Munch at the North Jutland Art Museum . 1976 , November 27 death of Christian Berg . Bowls of Grace will be opened on the same day in front of St. Peter 's Church in the Rock
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The Bowls of Grace
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Image: 1 to 5: The sculpture "Solbåten" on Knight Island in Stockholm. Solbåten consists of a bright "sail" on a base of granite. Sculpture boulders came from Iddefjord weighed initially 16 tons. Image: 6: The sculpture is on Tomarps Kungsgård
Sankt Petri Church

A masterpiece of Sigurd Lewerentz

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